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Jenniea is a queer Black woman who believes there is always something to learn from a book; for some projects, you have to be a bit more open-minded. With every project she works on she hopes the reader learns organically.

As a descendant of American Black slaves and Freedmen, Jenniea was taught the hard work of her southern ancestors and why her grandparents sought different lives by migrating up north to New York City. She continues to strive to break generational curses and encourages mental health. She loves to work on projects that address healing generational trauma through moments of love, joy, and strength.

Being born, bred and educated in Harlem meant Jenniea never experienced the world outside of Gotham. Yes, it was the city that never slept but she could count the endless problems within. So, without haste, after 2 years of ESL teaching in Manhattan, she moved to Japan.  


She lived in Hyogo and then Osaka; she would consider those the years where she first truly experienced individuality.

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When she returned home she had a revitalized zeal for the literary world. Her first endeavor led her to Kinokuniya Bookstore where she honed her knowledge of book buying, merchandising, and selling.

Soon after; Jenniea found herself home at New Leaf Literary and Media on Joanna Volpe’s team, eager to uplift and amplify marginalized voices. When she is not between the pages of a book, Jenniea can be found bingeing mystery documentaries and animation.

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